As some of you might remember, I have in the past already praised the customer service team of the Wallstreet Journal, but they continue to positively surprise me! Since my change of address, the delivery didn’t reach me twice (this would be a negative point, I know :)). I called their helpline where a polite young woman apologized for the mishap, they kindly confirmed details and asked me whether or not I wished to receive the newspapers I had missed, or whether I wanted my subscription to be extended. Both times, I received my missing papers the same day, within a couple of hours I would say, and they extended my subscription anyway.

Great customer service you would say?

Now here goes the reason why I would give them the title of customer care rather than service: in both cases, a very friendly lady called a few days later to ask me whether I had received my missing copies, to ask whether the problem had come up again, and insisted on them being available to me should this happen ever again.

Both cases had in all communications the right amounts of “responsability-taking” from their side, and they managed to make me feel very valued as a customer.

Well done Wallstreet Journal!

(this post ignores all other benefits of the newspaper on purpose, benefits such as their excellent research on topics I care for loads and their critical views)